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Izza Kizza

Date of Interview: 05/01/2009

© 2009 Clayton Perry

It should come as no surprise that the eclectic versatility of Izza Kizza’s style has generated widespread comparisons to fellow rapper Missy Elliott.  And while his first two mixtapes deviate from the standard hip hop fare, both Kizzaland (2008) and The Wizard of Iz (2009) are welcome “breaths of fresh air,” as the music industry continues to churn out countless numbers of stale artists.  Thus, Izza Kizza’s charisma and witty lyrics are simply added bonuses, which conspire to make his work all the more memorable.

Upon review of The Wizard of Iz, Izza Kizza managed to squeeze some time out of his busy schedule and settle down for an interview with Clayton Perry — reflecting on Timbaland, the digital mixtape movement, and the inspiration taken from L. Frank Baum’s classic novel, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.